About me

About me

I would like to introduce a little about myself. My name is Thong, and my other online nick-name is Gnekoda. I have immigrated to the USA. I’m an Asian ethic, and I have been living in Seattle, WA about 3 years now. At this point, in the morning, I’m no longer a student at South Seattle College. I engage more into one online community. To me, it likes an online University where I’m learning so many new things.

In the afternoon, I work part-time at UPS. At some points, I could be considered a hard-working person, but what I do so far is “normal”, is very “common” comparing to other refused, immigrated people.


Before moving to the USA, I had been alone for a long time; therefore, I was an autism child at some points. Even now, after I get to used to USA new life, I’m still an autism adult. I thought “an autism adult” is a weirdo, and rarely in the USA. However, when I do little research about “autistic adult”, it turns out that I’m not only “autistic adult” in this country. One of the reasons is the English language. English isn’t my first language, isn’t my second language too. I was forced to study French when I was little; Living in Seattle, I almost forget all my French, and somehow, I feel it’s relieved.

Since I was an autism child, I bumped around on the Internet so much that I had wearing heavy glass. Now, I did regret it. In other hands, bumping around on the Internet helped me to see, read, hear many things. Even I was a child at that point, I knew certain things around the world, and somehow I felt being social wasn’t fit me since I must follow the social standards, Therefore, I chose to run away from PEOPLE.

Now as an autistic adult, I still feel uncomfortable to get social, but I realize run away is just not the right way to do. Be brave-> embrace-> face it, is those right things to do;so, I would like to give myself one more try to interact, communicate with people again. I know one reason, which isolates myself, is my personalities. I talk straightly. I say honestly. I detail orientation-> which similar to perfectionism ( actually, not even close to it -.- ).

When things are uncertain, I stay silent, observe, listen to other, collect information, research, analyze, mixed with my own belief, then share it with those who like to hear ugly truth. For who doesn’t like the ugly truth, I find one way which could help me to communicate well to another people: the second truth. At some points, I’m an action person: talk less, do more. When it need to talk, then I might talk the main points for saving other’s time, and find extra some supporting for gain more weight on my words.

Since I have been alone more than 10 years, so I understand some about loneliness. Besides, I have weak strength body compared with other peers;therefore, I need to pay attention to my own health issue, before be able to take care or worry about other. I found that I have some similar health issues with some people. This website will works as an opinion, as one resource for other people to get to know more.

Another purpose that you might don’t appreciate is I would remind you about those small things (which somehow, people don’t care and skip it)

In this enormous Internet world wide, there are a lot of information even fake or real. Like you, like me, a person look for some information for own issue, own situation, own problem no matter it’s big or minor. And then hopeful, we might find a solution.

If you are interesting, feel free to leave comments below, and I will reply later since all is about time management

All the best wish to you,

Thank you

Gnekoda admin

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