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Environmental causes autism

interaction genetic and environment

Hmm…. depart from the last destination which is “genetic causes autism”, now I’m heading to “environmental causes autism” stop, and here it would be all about the environment. From 2000 until 2014, the young children with ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder have a record – 1 of 150 young children associated with ASD. A few …

Genetic causes autism

Genetic caused autism

“Genetic causes autism” is a destination where I’m in my getting-out-autism adventure. According to NICHD – National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of USA, ” A great deal of evidence supports the idea that genes are one of the main causes of or a major contributor to ASD. More than 100 genes on …

Possible causes autism

Autism spectrum disorder causes

Welcome to “Possible causes autism” station of Gne’s adventure to learn, study, analyze, comprehensive, understand?, and then find a way to get out? I’m Gne, and maybe you don’t know who Gne is as first time visit, then here is where Gne idea starts. Another saying is welcome back if you are return visitors, but Gne thinks …